Stone Restoration

When it comes to natural stone cleaning and restoration we are one of the few local companies in western mass that specializes in stone care. We are experts in stone cleaning, honing, grinding,polishing & sealing of marble, granite, travertine, limestone and other natural stone that exists.

Our Stone Restoration Service Include:

  • Marble Polishing If your marble floor or wall become worn, scratched, soiled or stained also if you have any cracks, small chips we can help you.  We will make your marble floor look like new again.
  • Slate Floor Cleaning, Stripping & Sealing – There are many ways to clean , seal or restore your slate floor. There are several different ways to finish slate. There are color enhancers, topical coatings such as wax, penetrating sealers and others. The type of seal used this will determine the finished look you will achieve. You can achieve a gloss finish, matte finish or a low luster finish. These finishes depend upon what you are looking for.
  • Limestone Polishing & Honing – Cleaning and taking care of limestone is almost like marble. Limestone is usually softer then granite, slate, marble or other natural stone. Limestone is a calcium-based stone and is very sensitive to acids. We can bring the shine back or clean it.
  • Granite – Did you lost the original appearance of your granite counterpart or floor? Granite is a beautiful and very tough stone, but requires special attention and care to maintain a stain free surface. Some commons problems with granite are, water marks, soap marks, staining and scratches.  By using a special impregnating or penetrating sealers are recommended to avoid these problems.
  • Terrazzo – It doesn’t matter how old or worn your terrazzo floor is we can probably make it like new again. Using the right equipment and products we can make your terrazzo floor look shiny again.
  • Travertine – If your travertine floor looks old or its dirty , scratched, etched, cracked etc. Our company can make it like new again without replacing it. Using wet diamond pads with the right equipment we can polish or hone your travertine floor.

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