Keep The Carpet Looking Good During Damp Weather With Kids..

Weather in Western Mass over the past several months has cold and a lot of snow. This makes carpet hard to keep nice looking with all the foot traffic from the kids and pets. They head outside to play, coming from school during these cold days bringing snow, dirt etc. that brings sorts of stuff inside your home.

Constant vacuuming is the best way to combat the elements this time of year. When the ground is damp dirt turns to mud and kids seem to find that spot first. You can get most of it off, but not all. Having a place to remove shoes by the door works as well but trying to make sure every kid that comes through the house is on board with the policy can be tough at best.

If a muddy shoe or paw makes inside and contacts with the carpeted floor first line of defense is water. Take a dish towel and get it damp then ring it out good. You want it almost dry. Put towel on area and push it down into the carpet. Use this to absorb the dirty water first. Use our carpet spotter to remove the dirt. Use your slightly damp towel and push down again. You can use a bit of a rubbing motions as well. Now use a dry cloth to remove the rest of the spot, if one still remains and to dry the area.. Fluff the carpet with your fingers and let it dry.
After it dries and during you next vacuum the spot will disappear like magic..(If there is any spot left.) That why its easy to use our spot carpet cleaner. It works like magic and it free if you have us clean your carpet, tile or grout.

If you used us previously to clean you floors and have an empty bottle of spot cleaner, just give us a call at (413)535-8831 and ask us to send you or have one of the guys drop off a new bottle for you.
Remember with any spot or spill the quicker you get a damp rag on it and blotting the material the better the spot will come out.
Not everything is going to come out every time. If you need us to come clean your carpets give us a call at 413-535-8831 today.

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