Keep The Carpet Looking Good During Damp Weather With Kids..

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Weather in Western Mass over the past several months has cold and a lot of snow. This makes carpet hard to keep nice looking with all the foot traffic from the kids and pets. They head outside to play, coming from school during these cold days bringing snow, dirt etc. that brings sorts of stuff inside your home.

Constant vacuuming is the best way to combat the elements this time of year. When the ground is damp dirt turns to mud and kids seem to find that spot first. You can get most of it off, but not all. Having a place to remove shoes by the door works as well but trying to make sure every kid that comes through the house is on board with the policy can be tough at best.

If a muddy shoe or paw makes inside and contacts with the carpeted floor first line of defense is water. Take a dish towel and get it damp then ring it out good. You want it almost dry. Put towel on area and push it down into the carpet. Use this to absorb the dirty water first. Use our carpet spotter to remove the dirt. Use your slightly damp towel and push down again. You can use a bit of a rubbing motions as well. Now use a dry cloth to remove the rest of the spot, if one still remains and to dry the area.. Fluff the carpet with your fingers and let it dry.
After it dries and during you next vacuum the spot will disappear like magic..(If there is any spot left.) That why its easy to use our spot carpet cleaner. It works like magic and it free if you have us clean your carpet, tile or grout.

If you used us previously to clean you floors and have an empty bottle of spot cleaner, just give us a call at (413)535-8831 and ask us to send you or have one of the guys drop off a new bottle for you.
Remember with any spot or spill the quicker you get a damp rag on it and blotting the material the better the spot will come out.
Not everything is going to come out every time. If you need us to come clean your carpets give us a call at 413-535-8831 today.

Celaning Tips For Norhampton Ma Carpet Owners and Surroundings Areas

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Carpets are really expensive. It is one of the items in our homes that should be taken cared of properly in order to last for a long time. It is not always practical to replace your carpets whenever it becomes untidy. You just have to go to professional carpet cleaning Northampton Ma experts to keep it clean and beautiful.

As we all know, even the most well maintained carpet could show signs of aging after a given time. Carpets are made of special materials that unfortunately deteriorate after some time. Good thing there are professional carpet and upholstery services in your area that could gladly help you keep the luster and radiance of your carpets that could revive even the oldest carpet in your home.

This carpet restoration services can take care of carpet problems such as stains and fire or flood damages. Be assured that our professionals can check the condition of your carpets thoroughly before doing their business and applying any actions in your expensive carpets.

The advantage of having carpet cleaning Denver professionals to restore your important carpets is that they know what they are doing. We have many years of experience dealing with the toughest stains and dirt of any kind of carpets. Our company will do the best to bring back the old glory of the carpets in your home.
Perhaps the best time for doing an extra effort for carpet maintenance is during the winter, and spring, which is the season when the carpets will get the most abuse.

If you have entered your home with a salt-based ice melting compound, your carpet will get ruined. Yet you cannot actually avoid these compounds, since it is basically scattered all over the place during the snow season.
Because of this, your carpets will eventually get deteriorated over repeated exposure to the salt-based ice melting compounds. The fibers will be damaged, and it will make your carpets lose its vibrancy.

Good thing there are carpet, tile and grout experts in your area who can run to your rescue. We as a company know how to keep your carpets clean and speck-free without causing more damage to your flooring. We will employ a special formulation that could remove the destructive compounds in your flooring, while making sure that each fiber will keep its radiance.

Best Carpet Cleaning in Amherst Ma Area ?

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

We are proud to be the elite service for carpet cleaning in Amherst Ma clients’ homes, offices, businesses and schools. Enjoy the service of the most respected Amherst carpet cleaning technicians who bring with them the skill and experience to impress. We understand that choosing a quality carpet cleaning company can be an important decision. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to upholding the highest standards for carpet cleaning our customer’s spaces – no matter how small or large they may be.

Our company offers multiple carpet cleaning techniques to ensure the most desirable results. Not only does carpet cleaning extend the lifetime of your carpets – it protects your investment too. See for yourself why our company has an overwhelming amount of repeat carpet cleaning clients in your area including Hadley, Northampton, Greenfield, and many other towns in Western Ma. Have the confidence that we are experienced and masters to cleaning carpets in homes, businesses, offices, schools and more.

Let’s not forget – treating your carpets in the safest manner possible is of paramount importance. Especially if children or pets are present where you live or work. We go through tremendous efforts to ensure that the carpet cleaning treatments we use in our customer’s home are not only highly effective – but are as safe as can be.

Green Carpet Cleaning – How To Remove Dog Stains

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

If you own dogs like me then you will know that it is a very arduous task to clean up after your dog if she has decided to her business in the living room. How to remove dog stains from your carpet is not something we want to think about.

Thankfully in this modern age we are well equipped with different cleaning solutions and carpet cleaners. The issue that I have constantly come across though is that many of the commercial carpet cleaners out there on the market are actually pretty harmful, they contain irritants and chemicals which in my view are simply not fit for the home.

On the other hand though, they are good because they do their job of cleaning built up debris and heavy soiling on the carpet.
Which leads us to the question of “If I am worried about the environment, should I be suing these cleaning products? If I don’t use them what is the alternative?” Let us see.

If like me you are a bit tight with your cash, you can look at producing your own carpet cleaning solution or carpet cleaning shampoo. Many off the shelf carpet cleaning products cost in excess of twenty dollars, so the idea of producing your own for a fraction of that cost in my eyes is appealing even if you are not worried about the environment. So I guess the big question is “How do I make my own carpet cleaner?” Well let’s take a look.
Light to Medium Pet Stains

For light or medium stains you should mix a quarter of a cup of vinegar with warm water, then put the solution into a spray bottle and spray the soiled area of carpet. Then leave for a few minutes and press down paper towels on the area. This works very for well for lighter less ingrained stains, you can also use ammonia as a substitute of vinegar if you wish, but I recommend the vinegar as ammonia is a bit heavy on the lungs in my opinion.

Heavy Stains
For heavy stains you should mix a quarter a cup of salt, a quarter of a cup of white vinegar and a quarter of a cup of borax. Rub the paste that you have concocted well in the soiled area and then leave to set for three to four hours, the vacuum the area well.

Cleaning A Room
If you are unlucky enough to have the luck that I did when I first got my dog, my whole living room got covered in dogs mess and I had to take some action. Mix a quarter of a cup of dish washing detergent and mix in a gallon of water, using a dish brush scrub the area in question, the use paper towels to cover up when scrubbed and rinsed. Return a few hours later and then vacuum. This may require a bit of elbow grease but the effects are worth it. If you decide not to do all the work and want to hire someone on your area please don’t hesitate to contact Surface Bright today. We serve many towns in Western Mass including Hadley, Ma West Springfield MA, Amherst Ma, and many other towns

I hope you like the green carpet cleaning approach, if you do not fancy doing it hard way on your hands and knees scrubbing the carpet you can still use this solution in any carpet cleaning machine to remove dog stains, or any other stains for that matter.

Springfield Ma Carpet Cleaning

Friday, November 21st, 2014

When it comes to Springfield ma carpet cleaning needs, do not hesitate to call our company! We are proud to serve many of our carpet cleaning clients in Springfield, Mass at their homes, offices, businesses and more!

We genuinely enjoy restoring and maintaining your carpets – and making them look the best they possibly can! Each time you use our carpet cleaning service, you can rest assured that you will be tended to by a highly experienced and capable carpet cleaning technician.

One thing we truly understand is that carpet cleaning is not a one-size-fit-all discipline. That is why we come prepared with a wide array of products in order to serve the diverse needs of our Western Mass carpet cleaning clients.

In order to ensure a consistent level of high service to each and every one of our clients, all of our carpet restoration we are highly educated and certified by IICRC. When it comes to our carpet cleaning clients, we completely agree that you deserve the best!
We will be glad to work with your carpets, rugs, upholstery and more with enthusiasm and keen attention to detail!